5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Profile for Your Pinterest Business Account

Jan 18, 2021

So you’ve set up a Pinterest business account and now you want to know how to optimize your Pinterest business account for best results. I have good news, you’re in the right place!

Here’s the deal – I’m going to give you the simple and straightforward approach to setting up your Pinterest business account profile for best results.

  • What to include in your Pinterest profile

  • Where to include the important components

  • Why each component is important

Before we get into the details of optimizing your Pinterest business account profile for best results, let’s get a few things straight.

1. You’ll likely hear me say this time and time again – but it’s important for you to reframe your thinking about Pinterest from a social media platform to a visual search engine.

Pinterest is a visual search engine, not a social media platform.

2. Pinterest is a “slow burn” as so many other Pinterest experts call it. Meaning, it takes commitment, care, and patience to see the results from Pinterest – but once you get all the parts working together, you will see amazing results.

3. Finally, Pinterest is not a “one size fits all” platform. There are not exact formulas and strategies that will give you a quick fix or overnight success. In fact, it’s quite different for each account. So what works for one profile, may not necessarily work for another.

I see way too many people throw in the towel on Pinterest just because they tried a few things after watching a couple YouTube videos and they didn’t work. I always encourage those who I hear expressing frustration with Pinterest, to not make any knee jerk reactions. 

What Are Pinterest Keywords?

When it comes to your Pinterest business account, keywords are the foundation. To put it simply, when a Pinterest user comes to the platform they have what is called “searcher intent” – which means they are there to find something specific. They want an idea, inspiration, or to buy something. And the way they do that is by using the search bar and typing in words or phrases that will help them find what they are looking for.

These words or phrases are keywords.

How Do You Use Keywords on Pinterest?

There are four main places to insert keywords on Pinterest. 

  1. Your Pinterest Profile

  2. Pinterest Board Titles

  3. Pinterest Board Descriptions

  4. Pin Descriptions

How Do I Optimize My Pinterest Business Profile?

Your Pinterest profile is an important component of your Pinterest marketing strategy because it is a part of the foundation that you lay in order to increase your opportunity to get pins that rank on the platform.

Select a High Quality Photo

Don’t skip this step because you think you have it figured out. A good profile photo can draw in potential clients just as easily as a poor one can repel them. If you don’t place an importance on this component of your profile, you are likely to miss out on leads and potential sales.

Stick to these guidelines when uploading a profile photo to your Pinterest business account. 

A good profile picture should…

-clearly show your face (avoid group photos or pictures of your dogs, for real)

-have a simple background (steer clear of clutter or anything distracting in the background)

-be the same across all social media platforms (easy brand recognition)

Pay Attention to Your Profile Name

I’m going to give you a little secret for composing your profile name. It all comes down to keywords (more on that later), so here’s what will give you the most bang for your buck.

Your First Name | Main Niche Keyword

Using your first name (even if you’ve got an agency or a brand that’s not your name) helps users connect with you on a more personal level. There are instances where I would not suggest using a first name for a business account (like say, if you were Target for example) but for the most part, this will apply.

Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 7.18.46 PM.png

The next thing you want to include is the main niche keyword that will give users context to what your content is about.

Curate a Clear Bio Description

It’s all about keywords (wait, didn’t I already say that? Oh yeah, I did – BUT it’s true) Keywords are the way Pinterest recognizes your content and categorizes it accordingly. So the more precise you can get with your keywords – the more you increase your chances of Pinterest serving up your content to users who are searching for it.

Your Pinterest bio should tell your readers who you are and what you do in up to 160 characters or less. Don’t overthink it, and let your personality show through and remember you’re writing for real humans.

You can also include a link to your website (shorten it up with a bit.ly link).

Overall, your bio should be 1-2 sentences and flow easily. Don’t forget to include the niche specific keywords that will help Pinterest know how to serve up your content.

Keep Boards Relevant

The boards on your Pinterest business account should all be relevant to your niche. Basically this means, if you’re a fashion blogger you wouldn’t want to have a board titled, “DIY Crafts” because that’s not specifically related to your niche.

If you do happen to have boards that aren’t relevant to your niche on your Pinterest business account, then simply edit the board to make it a secret board. This way you can still see the content pinned there but it won’t show on your profile and will keep things looking streamlined.

Kaci Ackerman is a Certified Online Business Manager and her Pinterest profile is designed with her ideal client in mind. Her boards are all relevant to her niche as an OBM.

Kaci Ackerman is a Certified Online Business Manager and her Pinterest profile is designed with her ideal client in mind. Her boards are all relevant to her niche as an OBM.

Align Keywords

Create continuity and consistency by using the same or similar keywords in multiple places on your Pinterest business account. Starting with your profile name, bio, board names, descriptions, and finally pin descriptions. When you can align the keywords straight from your profile name down to your pin description – then you increase the chances of Pinterest showing your content to users searching for those keywords. 

That’s it! 5 simple ways to optimize your profile for your Pinterest business account. Do you have any tips for optimizing your Pinterest profile? Share them with us!

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