How to Attract Your Ideal Client on Pinterest

Jan 21, 2021

How many hours a day to you spend working on attracting your ideal client? What if I told you I could give you a way to attract more of your ideal client without spending MORE time doing it??

I’m excited to be sharing some of my favorite Pinterest tips to help you attract your ideal client. I’m breaking down the process for you and giving you some easy things to implement so you can start working SMARTER, not harder!


Why Use Pinterest to Attract Your Ideal Clients?

Before getting into the nitty gritty details, I just want to make sure we all know WHY you should be using Pinterest to attract your ideal client in the first place!

Pinterest is a visual search engine. People come to the platform to find inspiration and answers to their problems. Which means, no matter how big or small a following you have – you could show up in their search and be the answer they are looking for.

Pinterest takes the content you’ve already created (whether it be a blog or podcast) and puts it in front of people who are looking for it, like your ideal clients.

When done correctly, Pinterest can grow the traffic to your website, boost your brands visibility, and grow your email list!

Know Who Your Ideal Client Is

When it comes to attracting your ideal client on Pinterest – it starts with knowing who they are!

And as any insightful entrepreneur already knows, you have to know who you serve. So this is a simple reminder that Pinterest is no exception. It all starts with knowing and understanding who you’re serving.

So as you think about your dream client, consider how they might be using the Pinterest platform. What ideas/inspirations and resources might they be looking for? What problems do they have and how do you help solve them?

Learn about what they’re searching for (their problems) and then create the content that serves them where they’re at (be the solution)!

Build a Strong Pinterest Foundation

When it comes to Pinterest – everything comes down to the foundation of your strategy. So trust me when I tell you that this is one of the most important parts of attracting your ideal client on the platform.

Basically, having a strong Pinterest foundation will carry you a long way on the platform when it comes to attracting your ideal client.

Here are some helpful tips! 

  1. Create a profile that represents your brand. Include the same profile picture as what you use on your other social media platforms. 

    Your bio should include four key components. 
    Who You Are
    – Who You Help (your ideal client)
    – How you Help Them
    – Call to Action

For example: (1) Content and Pinterest marketing expert (2) helping online entrepreneurs (3) develop a content system and market with Pinterest.  (4) Download my free Pinterest kickstart guide here – [link].

2. Your profile name should be more than just your name, too. Include a main keyword that can help your profile show up in search when your dream client is searching for what you have to offer. 

For example, my profile name would be:  Anna | Midwest Social Creative | Pinterest Marketing

3. Create boards that are specific to your niche and fill them with pins that link to high quality content. The best way to do this is to keep in mind that you want to create a “one stop shop” for your ideal client. Imagine if your profile was their favorite magazine as it pertains to what your topic is and develop your boards around all the information that can help them.

Use Keywords in All the Right Places

Keywords are the way users like your ideal client find what it is they are looking for on Pinterest. It’s what brings up the images that users get to pick from. So when I say keywords are everything on Pinterest, they literally are!

In general, here’s the list of places you need to make sure you include keywords: 

  • Pin title

  • Pin image

  • Pin description

  • Board title

  • Board description

  • Profile

Create Content Consistently

Create content consistently. Whether you create content multiple times a week, once a week, or once a month – doing it consistently is the best way to attract your dream clients on Pinterest. We know the Pinterest algorithm favors fresh pins. The best way to create more fresh pins is to create more content. A fresh pin is defined by Pinterest as a new URL and a new image put together for the first time on the platform.

Here’s where I do my little plug for having a blog for your business.

It’s the easiest way to create fresh pins. If you’re creating a new blog post each week and then pinning that blog post, you’re easily creating consistent fresh content and Pinterest will reward you for it. If you have a podcast, repurposing your podcast notes into blog posts is a super easy and great way to get more visibility.

Focus on Creating High Quality Content

You may have heard the phrase, “quality over quantity” and while I do believe that to be true…but quality content looks different for everyone.

Ultimately, quality content is successful content. 

What makes content successful? There’s really no perfect formula for creating quality content but there are some things that we know help make content better quality, so here’s a few ideas for you to keep in mind:

  • Create content for your readers/ideal client, not yourself

  • Make it easy to read: avoid writing pieces that have lots of content grouped together. Break it up with subheadings, bullet points, lists, etc.

  • Research your topic and then add your own touch to it

  • Use diverse forms of content (videos, pictures, etc.)

And from there it’s just figuring out what content does well, and then creating MORE of it!

And the key to being able to create high quality content on a consistent basis is a having a system (more on that to come).

Create Click Worthy Images

In order to attract your dream clients, you have to create images that they will want to click on. So once you get your content to show up in the search results, it’s about creating an image that will catch their attention and compel them to click through.

It starts with a high quality image taken with a good camera. And by good camera, I totally mean your iPhone camera. Most devices have great built in cameras so this really should be pretty easy.

Images that are light and airy tend to perform better than dark, moody images. If you’re taking your own photos for pins, then keep in mind that natural light is always the best light. Original photos are always best to use, but if you don’t have access to high quality images then using stock photos is a good alternative.

The next part of a click worthy pin image is the text overlay. Images without text overlay sometimes miss the mark because what ends up happening is users just want to save the photo because it looks pretty and they are less likely to click through.

The text overlay you use should stand out against the photo. The text should be easy to read, bold and bright. 

Finally, the pins you create on Pinterest should include a call to action. Tell your dream client what it is you want them to do. You can include the call to action on the image itself or in the pin description. 

Here’s a few examples of calls to action for a pin:

  • Learn more about what I do by clicking here.

  • Learn more about my packages by heading over to my website!

  • Looking for more ideas on [insert your topic here]? Head here!

So to wrap it all up, you can attract your ideal client on Pinterest and you should because it’s a platform that serves your content to users who are searching for it!

When you know who your ideal client is, build a strong foundation, use keywords in all the right places, create high quality content consistently and design click worthy images you can attract your ideal client using this platform.

If you read this and took away anything that was helpful, click the Pin it button and save to your favorite board for later!

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And if you’re ready to learn more about Pinterest, don’t forget to grab my FREE Pinterest kickstarter here!


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