i used to be an influencer.

I started my first blog over 5 years ago when I was in the trenches of motherhood after just having my third baby. I was desperate for a way to leave my soul sucking teaching job and I was in the middle of a self-identity crisis. I was a mom, wife, and teacher. But other than that…who was I?

Beyond that, I was terrified of going after something I wanted that I hadn’t gone to school to do. I was so afraid my coworkers would think I wanted to leave teaching (even though I did). I held myself back because I didn’t want people thinking that I was doing it all for attention.

All it took was one small step outside of my comfort zone to open the floodgates of opportunity.

Soon, I began I pouring myself into my blog (despite my reservations and fears). And it took off (much to my surprise, I was actually doing it!). Landing spots on the local news and hosting workshops, my little blog quickly became a well known local lifestyle brand.

But I was still working my full time job as a teacher and was a mom of three under 5 which made content planning and creation a bit of a puzzle. Needless to say I experienced bouts of overwhelm, frustration, and stress trying to do it all.

I had to get scrappy. So I developed a content creation system that would save time and get my content in front of as many of my readers as possible.


And then one day it dawned on me.

I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to use what I’d learned with my influential lifestyle brand to help passion driven online entrepreneurs who were ready to crush their goals and show up consistently with confidence using the tactics and systems I’d perfected.

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I may or may not frequent Starbucks for an iced coffee daily (even in the winter).

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I love binging on trash TV like the Real Housewives (New Jersey, Orange County, and Salt Lake City are my faves).

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I enjoy the occasional excuse to get fancied up and go out but mostly I love a night in my “comfies” snuggled up with my favorite people.

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You might find me wandering the stationary and paper aisles at Target trying to decide which planner or notebook I want to add to my growing collection.

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I used to think TLC’s Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls was about a guy named Jason Waterfall.

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Imagine waking up on Monday morning knowing exactly what you’re sharing on your blog, podcast, Pinterest AND social media ALL WEEK LONG.

Too good to be true? I promise it’s not.

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I’ve been using this formula for years and finally (FINALLY) got my rear in gear to bring it to YOU.

How would it feel to have a vault of content to unlock for your content planning sesh? No more staring at a blank screen.

Or picture yourself sitting down for said content planning sesh with a clear plan and strategy in place to follow. No more scatterbrained note jotting or content creating.

Or EVEN (this one’s good) hitting publish and feeling a wave of confidence rush over you because you KNOW your content was created with your readers AND goals in mind.

So - what are you waiting for? Confidence, clarity and consistency are all waiting for you on the other side of this guide!

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