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i'm anna huff


We all have a story to tell. Here's mine.

I never imagined I would become an "entreprenuer". That just wasn't something I saw as a safe bet for creating a stable and comfortable life. So I persued a career in education, totally a safe bet.

But before I knew it, I was losing my passion for it. Blame it on the politics, blame it on the legal red tape, blame it on the general lack of support for teachers in general - I was done.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I knew I needed to do something different. So I did something I'd only ever dreamt of doing, I quit teaching to persue my own marketing business.  Only, what I didn't realize is that entrepreneurship would send me on a fast and furious journey of Unbecoming everything I'd learned I had to be. It forced me to look at the old narratives that played over and over in my head. And it brought me face to face with what I know is my soul's purpose through coaching.

entrepreneurship forced me to take an honest look at the beliefs I had about myself - and they weren't great.

Everything I Did Was Through the Lens of the Belief That I Was Unworthy.

I tried approach after approach. Always listening to the outside influences and 'experts' on what I needed in order to finally be wildly successful - and nothing worked.

That's when I discovered the power of deep inner work. My roller coaster of a business began to steady. I felt more confident. I began to interrogate that inner mean girl voice of doubt telling me I was unworthy. I started listening to my higher self. I knew what it felt like to be aligned. And it was easy. All I had to do was be me. Unapologetically and authentically.


I knew i was meant to help other moms like me do the same.

And my Human Design agreed with me. So I gave myself permission to step into my natural ability to sit with women and give them a mirror to see how capable they are. And to be the outside voice of reason to question their inner mean-girl.  Because your marketing is only as good as your mindset, and you deserve to be wildly successful too.

Without the deep inner work to hold a steady foundation, it's all one low vibe day away from crumbling. I'm here to change that.

Anna Huff

I love iced coffee. And I'm not afraid to admit it (or drink it on a fridid cold midwest winter day).

I'm somewhat of an ameture true crime addict. Love a good true crime podcast while I'm working.

My ideal Friday night includes a set of new cozy jammies, clean sheets, and a Netflix binge!

I do not like fish. Any of it. I've tried it all and it just grosses me out!

But I do love the ocean, specifically the Gulf of Mexico and dream of living near it one day.

I'm a trauma survivor. While it does not define me, I do believe that it is part of what makes me a powerful coach.

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