27 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content

Jun 17, 2021

These days if you’re not on social media – you’re invisible. 

As an online business owner you probably know that your social media presence is essential to the vitality of your business. 

Content is king.  Love it or hate it – it’s the name of the game. 

I’ve been blogging and creating content for over five years and throughout that time, I’ve learned a few things about content strategy and repurposing.

That’s why I’ve created this content repurposing guide. It’s a simple guide that’ll help you create content that you can repurpose time and time again. So you can work smarter (not harder) and get back to doing what you love in your business. 

You’ll learn the benefits of repurposing blog content, get tons of ideas for how to repurpose a single blog post, and I’ve included a step by step system you can implement to make it a simple no brainer process.

Hi, I’m Anna. I’m a lifestyle blogger, mama, business owner, and multi passionate creative. I help solopreneurs and coaches create a content marketing strategy for their blog to save time and generate leads with content that lasts longer than 24 hours. If you like my content and would like to know more about what I do, then I’d love to connect with you on instagram and invite you check out my free content repurposing masterclass.

The Benefits of Repurposing Blog Content

Why should you repurpose content? Well, why not? I mean, as an entrepreneur your time is precious and valuable and scarce. Anytime you can get more bang for your buck – you should.

Remember that your content is the lifeblood of your business. And when you create amazing content, you should give it as much air time as you possibly can.

I’ve put together a short list of the no brainer benefits of repurposing your content.

Work Smarter (Not Harder)

Taking the content you’ve worked hard to create and giving it new life in various ways, across various platforms gives you a strategy and a system that takes a lot of the extra effort out of the content creation process.

Cut Your Content Creation Time in Half

With a single blog post you can create over 20 pieces of content? Yes! And since you’ve already written the blog post, the content that you create to push out to social media is already there!

Expand Your Reach

How many people are going to visit your blog on a daily basis? Unless you’ve been blogging for years, generating top ranking posts, and getting tons of Google juice, your blog is not going to be generating a ton of organic traffic right out of the gate. You have to help build that organic traffic with your social media. But more than that, when you repurpose your content across multiple platforms you’re giving your content the opportunity to reach various audiences and groups of people. Even if the same people are on different platforms – we need to see a piece of content at least 5 times before we digest it and consume it.

Level Up Your Authority

Your audience wants to know that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to your niche. The best way to communicate this is through a piece of long form content and then repurposing it so more people can see that you’ve got the expertise.

27 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content

Here’s 27 different ways to repurpose a single piece of blog content. Of course you won’t use all 27 ways every single time you publish a blog post. But this master list will give you options that you can choose from.

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Cut Your Content Time in Half with This Step by Step Repurposing System

Cut your content creation time in half with this step by step content repurposing system. Use this system each time you publish a blog post. You should complete this systems in order, and spread it out across the week that you publish your blog post.

Step 1: Create an Email

Compose an email blast to your subscribers using the main theme of your blog post. Keep the email broad and try to put a new spin on the content. Include a link to the full blog post within your email and a call to action to go check out the post.

Step 2: Plan a Live (Instagram or Facebook)

Use the blog post outline and main points as a script for an IG Live, IGTV, YouTube Video, etc. Don’t worry about repeating what’s in the blog post because there will still be audience members that will want to read the details in your blog post.

Step 3: Instagram Stories Mini-Training

Go face to camera and conduct a mini training in your stories. Use the main points of the blog post to guide you through the training. Don’t forget to include a call to action to read the entire blog post for all the details.

Step 4: Instagram Carousel

Take the main points of your blog post and create a carousel in Canva that highlights each bullet point on a single slide. Make sure you remind your audience to head to your blog for the full details on the blog post.

Step 5: Instagram Reels

Create a Reel for each of the main bullet points of your blog post. Each reel can go into more detail about the bullet points and lead back to the blog post for all the details. 


When you put so much time and effort into your blog content, it’s only fair that you are able to use that content in multiple ways. Give your content more life, save time creating LESS brand new content, and reach more people with a unified message with these content repurposing tips.

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