07 | 9 Easy Ways to Write Blog Post Titles That Drive Massive Traffic

Mar 1, 2022

Anna breaks down the importance of having a captivating blog title in this episode as well as several ways to format your blog titles that will draw readers in. If you’re reading a blog post, you’re likely in search of a question you want answered or interested in a specific topic and as a blogger you probably aren’t the first person to write on a topic so using the examples from this episode to title your blog posts can significantly assist in guiding a reader to choose your blog post over someone elses on a similar topic. From addressing your audience to using power words, keywords, superlatives, numbers and more, your blog title is not the place to skimp out. Similarly to any other content you produce, blog titles should be strategic and intentional!

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I'm Anna Huff. A mindset and marketing coach for online service providers.

After teaching for a decade, I was burnt out and ready for a change. Like many online service providers, I wanted time freedom.

I dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about online marketing through social media, Pinterest, and long form content like blogging. And I set out to share that information with as many people as I could.

What I didn't learn was that none of the strategies and tools to market your business will be as effective if you haven't done the inner work to truly believe what you have to share is of value.

Now, I work with growth minded online service providers to help them create content with confidence so they can get the time freedom they dream of.

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