03 | Creating a System to Streamline Your Content Creation

Feb 1, 2022

Here to debunk the beliefs that say you need a ton of time to put out high quality and quantity content, Anna is back to break down her own content creation system. You should know by now that blogging isn’t dead, in fact can be really valuable in growing a business so you’re going to need a content creation system in order to save time and gain visibility with your blog content.

Anna takes you through the three key pieces to her content creation – getting organized, preparing and planning your calendar, and then creating the content itself. These three parts are what will allow you to show up consistently and get ahead in the process so you don’t feel like you’re always two steps behind or flying by the seat of your pants. Anna also shares the importance of having a place to house all your drafts and content, how to save documents so you can easily find it later, creating templates, what to think about when preparing your calendar, and her secret repurposing content formula so you can get the most out of it!

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hey, glad you're here.

I'm Anna Huff. A mindset and marketing coach for online service providers.

After teaching for a decade, I was burnt out and ready for a change. Like many online service providers, I wanted time freedom.

I dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about online marketing through social media, Pinterest, and long form content like blogging. And I set out to share that information with as many people as I could.

What I didn't learn was that none of the strategies and tools to market your business will be as effective if you haven't done the inner work to truly believe what you have to share is of value.

Now, I work with growth minded online service providers to help them create content with confidence so they can get the time freedom they dream of.

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