01 | From Teacher to Blogger CEO

Jan 3, 2022

Social media, blogging, and putting your expertise on display for others can be scary. Maybe you’ve thought of starting a blog but fear judgement from others, worry that there’s no stability in blogging, or that you can’t find success in it. In this episode Anna shares her own backstory on where she came from, how and why she dove into the blogging and online business space, making the transition from teacher to blogging CEO, and overcoming the fears and hesitations she had about blogging to find her own version of success.

Anna tells about her first job, why she thought she had to go to college to become successful, the humbling ah-hah moment when she realized she was doing it ‘wrong’, becoming steadfast in her goal to understand the blogging sphere and how to grow and monetize her blog, why you don’t need a ton of followers on Instagram to make money, and so much more.

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